Cumin Seeds Whole, Cumimum Cyminum

Origin : From Turkey, Turkish Origin
Producer : TAREGE, Turkish exporter
Product details:
Cumin seeds from Turkey, scientific - cumimum cyminum is an export product of Turkish exporter Tarege Trade.
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Cumin's unique flavour and strong warm aroma, makes cumin used and prefered for culinary and medical uses since ancient times. 5000 years ago, in Roman Empire, it was believed that cumin is a symbol of greed. Thats why Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius was know as "Cuminus". Scientific - cuminum cyminum, has from 2% up to 4,5% volatile oil. 

For culinary uses cumin is generally prefered in Mediterranean cooking and Middle Eastern cousine for its earthy and warming feeling. Besides kebab dishes, also is added for chichken, lamb and pork dishes. Cumin is a must for Portuguese sausages.

Because of cumin's rich iron content, cumin can be a nutritious additive for anemic people. Also its know that cumin has antiseptic properties and a natural medicine for insomnia, asthma, bronchitis and skin disorders.

Turkish origin cumin seedscumin is an export product of Turkish exporter Tarege Trade.

Cuminseeds, cumin from Turkey is an export product of exporter from Turkey Tarege Trade.

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