Oregano, Origanum Vulgare

Origin : From Turkey, Turkish Origin
Producer : TAREGE, Turkish exporter
Product details:
Turkish origin oregano - origanum vulgare from Turkey is one of the export product special to Turkey. Tarege Trade is an exporter of Turkish oregano.
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More details:

"Oregano" is a spice, which gets its name from two Grek words. Grek word "oras" means mountain and an other greek word "ganos" means "joy". Thats why, meaning of this piquant, warm and slightly bitter spice is called "joy of the mountain"

Oregano, scientific - origanum vulgare, mostly grow up in Mediterranean climate and higher altitudes. This makes Turkey one of the biggest producer of oregano. Turkish oregano needs almost same climate conditions with Turkish laurel bay leaves and Turkish rosemary. Italian oregano and Greek oregano also loves the mediterranean climate.

Oregano has purple flowers and this is the biggest difference between oregano and marjoram varieties and has a strong taste. The taste of oregano is even stronger when it is dried.

Oregano has 3-4% volatile oil. The oil contains phenoles such as carvacrol, thymol (about 75%) and monoterpenes (about 10%) For this reason, oregano is not only prefered in culinary uses, but also in medical uses.

Its even said that, few centuries ago, this unique spice is even used for good luck and good health!

Oregano is packed in 10 kgs kraft bags.

Physical Analysis:

-Particle Size: 92% minimum 0.8mm – 3,5mm
-Appearance: Discrete leaf particulates.
-Colour: Light green to greyish green in colour, typical of dried Turkish Oregano.
-Flavour/ Odour: Strongly aromatic with a warm but slightly bitter taste, characteristic of
Oregano. Free from off flavours or odours. Extraneous Matter: 2% maximum
-Foreign Material: As far as is reasonably practicable, free from foreign material.


-Process: Harvested, sun dried, rubbed and separated from stalks and other foreign bodies, sieved, passed through magnets, packed, metal detected, palletised, stretch-wrapped.
-Processing Aids: None.

Chemical Specification:

-Moisture Content: Maximum: 12%.
-Total Ash: Maximum: 10%
-Acid Insoluble Ash: Maximum: 2%
-Volatile Oil: Up to 4%

Microbiological Specification:

Salmonella : Absent in 25g
E. coli : <100 cfu/g

Shelf Life & Storage:

Keep in dry, cool conditions in closed bags away from direct sunlight. Shelf life is 24 months after the production date.

Turkish origin oregano is an export product of Turkish exporter Tarege Trade.

Oregano from Turkey, is an export product of exporter from Turkey Tarege Trade.

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