Milk Thistle Seeds, Silybum Marianum

Origin : From Turkey, Turkish Origin
Producer : TAREGE, Turkish exporter
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Milk thistle seeds (scientific: silybum marianum) from Turkey are export product of Turkish exporter Tarege Trade.
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Milk thistle seeds, are the seeds of the plant named milk thistle. (scientific: silybum marianum) Milk thistle plant is also known as "blessed milk thistle", "mary thistle", "saint mary thistle". Milk thistle extract contains up to 6% silymarin, which is has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Milk thistle used to treat liver problems (such as cirrhosis, jaundice, hepatitis) for its content of silymarin. Studies also show that, milk thistle also reduces cholesterol, supports weight loss, reduces insulin resistance and limits the spread of cancer.

Turkish origin milk thistle seeds are export product of Turkish exporter Tarege Trade.

Milk thistle seeds from Turkey are export product of exporter from Turkey, Tarege Trade.


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