Fennel Seeds, Foeniculum Vulgare

Origin : From Turkey, Turkish Origin
Producer : TAREGE, Turkish exporter
Product details:
Fennel seeds from Turkey is an export product of Turkish exporter Tarege Trade, can be packed in 25 kgs PP bags.
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Fennel seeds Mediterranean climate and a native plant of this region. The scientific name is foeniculum vulgare miller. The Greek name of this seed is Marathon which is derived from the word Maraino.It's believed that Ancient Greeks and Persians fought in the city Marathon in 490 BC. As its said, Ancient Greeks found this plant in this battle field and named the fennel as "Marathon".

Fennel is generally used in fish dishes. Also few liquors are flavoured with fennel, such as gin, absinthe,akvavit.

Fennel prefered also in medical uses because of its pain-reducing, fever-reducing and anti-microbial effects.

Turkish origin fennel seeds are export product of Tarege Trade.

Fennel seeds from Turkey are export product of Tarege Trade.

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