Tarege Trade House is an exporter and manufacturer company from Turkey, specialized on aromatical & medicinal spices, herbs, oil seeds, dried vegetables, pulses. Our main export products are listed as below:

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Spices & Herbs;
Laurel leaves whole, bay leaf, oregano, za'atar (sa'tar), savory, rosemary, linden leaves, linden flowers, cistus, sage, licorice (liquorice) sticks, saponaria roots (soapworts - soaproots), black pepper, spearmint, peppermint, sumac, thyme, lady's mantle, equisetum, chamomile, melissa, dried spanish lavender, orange flowers, blossoms, basil leaves, parsley, safflower petals (casubha), cardamom (kakoule), tarragon (estragon), turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, echinacea, red hot crushed pepper, whole teja pepper, sweet red pepper, isot (Urfa pepper). Laurel leaves cut (sifted) and oregano in powder form also can be produced upon the request.

Oil seeds & Nuts;
Pinenut, hazelnuts, gallnuts, poppy seeds, aniseeds whole, aniseeds siftings, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, nigel seeds (nigella), mahleb (mahlep - mahaleb), broken mahleb, ground mahleb (powder), flax seeds (linen seeds), cherry seeds, cherry stones (cherry pits), apricot kernels (apricot seeds), apricot stones (apricot pits), bitter orange seeds, milk thistle seeds, agni casti seeds (dried chaste berry, vitex agnus castus), safflower seeds, dried grape seeds (monastrell seeds), watermelon seeds, fig seeds, laurel seeds (laurel cherry), sunflower seeds.

Dehydrated Fruits & Vegetables (Dried Fruits & Vegetables);
Dried eggplants, dried artichokes, dried tomatoes, dried pumpkins, dried celeriac, dried carrots, dried onions, dried purslane, dried okra, dried green beans, dried redbeet, dried spinach, dried green beans, dried capers, dried cabbage, dried leeks, dried radish are the dried vegetables we can offer. Also we can offer dried mulberries, dried juniper berries, corinth raisins, dried figs and apricots, dried sour and sweet apples. We can offer these dried fruits and vegetables in ground or granular forms in different sizes.

Pulses & Beans;
Red lentils, green lentils, yellow lentils, beans, black eye peas (cowpea), chickpeas, bulgur, fava beans (broad beans), tsilban. 

Herbal Teas & Tea Ingredients;
Cherry stems (cherry stalks), immortelle (draft everlast), yarrow (old man's pepper), St. John's wort, sideritis (ironwort, mountain tea, shepherd's tea), artemisia, hawthorn flowers and leaves, butcher's broom roots and white oak barks, ivy leaves, primerose roots, coltsfoot, valeriana roots, eucalyptus leaves, dried orange peels, dried lemon peels, rosehip seeds.

Essential & Herbal Oils;
Oregano essential oil, rosemary essential oil, laurel leaves essential oil, sage essential oil, black cumin oil (nigel seeds essential oil / nigella essential oil), fig seeds oil, sesame seeds oil.

Other Products;
We can also offer you, popcorn, dried unriped grapefruits, black pine cones - Austrian pine cones (pinus nigra), freekeh wheat, burgos wheat (durum wheat), rock salt, apricot puree and many other products upon your request and inquiries.

Turkish origin spices, herbs, oil seeds, dried vegetables are export product of Turkish exporter Tarege Trade House. For further information, please dont hesitate to contact us.

Turkish licorice - liquorice sticks can be packed in 10 kgs cardboard boxes, in peeled and not peeled forms.

There are many species of pine. Turkish origin pine nuts are called as pinus pinea. Kernels are packed in 25 kgs PP bags.

Apricot kernels are the kernels of the prunus armeniaca. Bitter apricot kernels and sweet apricot kernels can be packed in 25 kgs PP bags.

Scientific - prunus mahaleb L. also known as mahleb, mahlep from Turkey is export product of Turkish exporter Tarege Trade.

Sumac, sc. rhus coriaria, from Turkey is an export product of Turkish exporter Tarege Trade, can be packed in 25 kgs kraft bags.

Dried cherry stalks, cherry stems scientific: stipites cerasorum from Turkey are export product of Turkish exporter Tarege Trade.

Turkish origin semi selected and hand selected laurel bay leaves (laurus nobilis) are export product of Turkish exporter Tarege Trade.

Turkish origin oregano - origanum vulgare from Turkey is one of the export product special to Turkey. Tarege Trade is an exporter of Turkish oregano.

Cumin seeds from Turkey, scientific - cumimum cyminum is an export product of Turkish exporter Tarege Trade.

Immortelle, also known as dwarf everlast (sc: Helichrysum arenarium) is an export product of Turkish exporter Tarege Trade.

Hawtorn leaves and flowers can be packed in 10 kgs kraft bags or can be pressed in 50 kgs bales.

Rosemary, rosmarinus officinalis from Turkey is an export product of Turkish exporter Tarege Trade. Rosemary is available as whole, broken and ground.